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Rohit Patil


FAQ's regarding COVID

Will vaccination be mandatory?
Yes, vaccination will be mandatory for all guests who are eligible to be vaccinated., including children. Vaccines are safe and effective at mitigating the spread of COVID.

What if I am unable to be vaccinated, but would still like to attend?
Please send us an email at so that we can determine the safest way for you to attend the wedding.

Will I need to have my vaccine card?
Please keep a picture of your vaccination card on your phone in case the hotel asks for verification.

What should I wear?

Garba/Sangeet Night:
Women - Indian attire or Cocktail dress. Go with something fun and colorful! Try to stay away from all-black or all-white outfits.
Men - Indian attire or Business casual (ties optional)

Women - Indian attire or Cocktail dress. Try to stay away from all-black or all-white outfits.
Men - Indian attire or Suit

Women - Indian formal attire or floor-length gown/cocktail dress
Men - Tuxedo or Suit

Farewell Breakfast:
Women - Casual attire
Men - Casual attire

What is a "baraat"?

A baraat is a procession by which the groom arrives to the wedding altar. Traditionally, the groom comes riding in on a horse with a dholi (drummer) and his entire list of invitees. So, if you're invited on behalf of the groom's family, be sure to come around 10 AM to be a part of the dancing procession. Rohit's baraat will depart from the lower level of MGM's conservatory (easily acessed from the lobby). Follow signage on the morning of the wedding from the self-parking (casino parking area) or hotel valet.

What is a "garba"?

Garba is a traditional form of Indian dancing that originated in the Gujarat region (Monica's family is from Gujarat). Traditional garba's are performed in a circular pattern. Garba is usually followed by Dandiya-Raas, which is a structured dance with sticks.

Check out some dance tutorials below:
Three-Clap Garba Tutorial

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