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Rohit Patil

Love Story

The Love Story

Rohit and Monica first exchanged glances at Dolcezza - a boutique coffee and dessert shop in Dupont Circle. He was grabbing a pour-over coffee, she was there for the dark chocolate gelato. At the time, the two were students at The George Washington University, and should have been studying for their upcoming finals; instead, they decided to make brunch plans. 

Over the next 8 years, Rohit and Monica explored the corners of DC through its gastronomic offerings: whether it was standing in line for a table at Rose’s Luxury (before it earned its Michelin star), trying out a new pop-up bar or finding a tiny taqueria. The two were known to always have restaurant recommendations and loved spending time with friends and family over a great meal.

When the pair entered medical school, their free time declined precipitously, but they always had a restaurant in mind to celebrate after every exam. On the day he proposed, Rohit took Monica out for a special brunch, after which she got to spend the day getting pampered with friends while sampling her favorite desserts from around the city.

For their engagement party, the pair knew they wanted a unique menu and ambiance for their guests. They chose to serve a blend of eclectic Indian street foods and traditional American brunch items, set in the stunning Larz Anderson House. The night prior to the engagement party, the couple took their families out for an intimate dinner at their favorite Italian restaurant in the city, giving them a taste of where the two fell in love.

The two are looking forward to spending their wedding weekend surrounded by all of the people they love. They are truly grateful to have so many wonderful people in their lives. Thank you for visiting this website.
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